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Buying or Selling a Business? 

The Transaction SnapshotSM delivers insightful transaction information in your industry that help you make an informed decision. Benchmark your business with similar businesses that have sold in your industry.  Understand the historical transaction market with time series and statistical analysis allowing you to formulate a bid or offer.
Baden Gage & Schroeder’s unique solution is designed for individuals contemplating buying or selling a business.  Developed by internationally accredited valuation experts, the end product gives you easy-to-interpret graphs and tables.  Key statistics allow you to measure your business against industry peers.  A worksheet is included to help you formulate an indication of value.
End results:
  • Leverage your time.
  • Receive confidence to pursue your goals. 
  • Obtain peace of mind by knowing the real-world value of business transactions.

Ready to Retire or Pass Along Your Business?

Succession SnapshotSM  -- A unique process for business owners who are thinking about establishing a succession plan or exit strategy.  You receive market transaction data along with pricing multiples, an industry benchmarking report and a company risk profile from which you can plan your retirement or succession of your business. This report is a valuable strategic planning tool that helps you make decisions that maximize the value of your business.

Snapshot Process