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The Leading Edge Alliance

The Leading Edge AllianceThe Leading Edge Alliance is an alliance of major independently owned accounting and consulting firms that share an entrepreneurial spirit and a drive to be the premier provider of professional services in their chosen markets.

Members are top quality firms who are very successful, have deep client relationships, and strong ties to the community. The Alliance provides members with an unbeatable combination: the comprehensive size and scope of a large multinational company while offering their clients the continuity, consistency and quality service of a local firm.

With member firms ranging in size from $10 million to $60 million, the combined revenues of the Alliance total over $2.4 billion with over 14,500 professional staff. Most U.S. member firms rank among the 110 largest firms in the U.S.  The Alliance continually assesses new member firms, to extend into all prominent international markets.

The Leading Edge Alliance offers:

  • Access to the best and brightest CPAs and business advisors - a peer-to-peer connection that provides the right solutions for clients.
  • Innovative, practice proven strategies for improving performance in management, business processes, finance, operations, information technology and marketing.
  • A leading knowledge resource for multi-disciplinary information and industry-specific expertise responsive to clients' unique needs.
  • The strength and reputation to attract the highest quality team members.
  • The Alliance offers accounting and consulting services through a global network of firms, with over 450 offices in 100 countries providing broad geographical coverage for affiliates and their clients.
  • The Leading Edge Alliance offers world class business advisory expertise and experience with innovation, progressiveness and quality.